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    8/30/2014 1:50:36 AM Permalink
    Gamertag for Xbox: EpicFedX52 -Make sure your gamertag is linked to your Account- Xbox One or Xbox 360?: Xbox 360 Am I interested in weekly training? (yes/no): yes Am I interested in monthly tournaments? (yes/no): yes Why do I want to join? (1 paragraph): I would like to join this clan because i enjoy being in clans and this one is perfect. I like the way you have this clan managed and monitored. I am a competitive player but i am also a fun player. i enjoy playing with other players and joking around but i also know when to get serious. I like to help the clans i get into with ideas to improve or what could be better. I like clans and the way you have this one set up is perfect and i would like to be in it as i watch your clan grow and prosper. I hope you allow me into this clan for if you do i wont disappoint. What would you like to see most in the clan? (optional): I would like to see most in this clan is the communication, the community feeling. I'm looking forward to some criticism on how to improve. id like to see the clan most of all prosper into what you and all the members see this clan grow to, what other clans wish they could have.
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