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SEAL Paragon
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    With a pull of the trigger, the auto rifle clicked on empty, and just as quickly was thrown to the ground in frustration. Yet, shots still rang through the air while metal groaned and screeched, each shot becoming a resounding thud against the old metal siding of a long forgotten building. "I don't think they'll be running out of ammo soon..." Came the familiar voice next to the leaning figure against the wall. The Titan's eyes focused on the floating figure in front of him only for a second, before he let out a chuckle. It had been the first voice he heard after he awoke... How fitting that it should be the last one he'd ever hear again. "May-maybe they won't mind sharing, hehe... Wh-what yah say we go ask them, Bob?" The Titan replied with a heavy breath, though he did not need to breath, and a pained groan, though he did not truely feel pain. The floating Ghost in front of him, who he had nicknamed "Bob", spun once, before turning to look out the door, and then turned to look back at his Guardian. Outside, more than thirty Fallen troops had converged on their location. More than five times as many lay dead on the ground. "You are far too injured to be making jokes, and I cannot repair you... you are bleeding out." "Exos don't bleed, Bob... we leak." Bob refused to acknowledge that reply, and spun once more in the air, before he began to scan the area. "Perhaps there is another way out...perhaps I can reestablish the link with the ship or the Spa-" Silence enveloped the area as no more shots could be heard. The Titan and the Ghost looked at each other before they ventured a look out the door. The Fallen were standing further from the building, and both occupants inside immediately knew what was going to happen. "Bob, leave now..." "..." "Did you not hear me? Leave!" "I-I cannot..." "Yes, you can! Go, now! Find another Guardian!" "... I searched for centuries to find you. I cannot fail." "And you didn't, Bob. This was just the beginning. Find another Guardian, one who is stronger, faster, and remembers to bring enough ammo and has better comedy material than me." The ground shook with the impact of a Fallen tank, and cries filled with blood lust rang out from the enemy that had swarmed the area. Time had run out. "You... you were strange for an Exo. I often wondered what or who you were before I found you." The Titan managed to stand up, as light gathered in his one remaining fist, and he leaned against the frame of the doorway. A red laser shone through the dust that floated lazily in the air. And in return, a green eye shone through the partially destroyed helmet, giving one final glance and a nod at his friend, signaling a small window in the back. "Me too, Bob..." The Titan spoke as he rushed out the door and leapt into the air, the red laser doing its job to track him... and the barrel of the tank roared.
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