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    Darrus Ralier

    Darrus Ralier

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    "We want you to earn your weapons" Yeah,thanks bungie. If you believe in a person,you give them actual weapons,not left to fend for themselves with crappy weapons. Oh wait,you probably never believed in your community to begin with,did you? Besides,those "epic war stories" on how you earned your weapons,it's not like any of the quests you do to earn these weapons will be real special. "How did you earn your weapon?" "Oh,I killed this Cabal guy whose name I didn't know." What kinda war story is that?! EDIT:For those people who want to hate my post,hear me out. I just wanted to suggest (indirectly) that some form of trading should be added. Not one that would kill the economy,but improve it. By having a form of trading that wouldn't be able to trade the overly powerful stuff. By allowing us to trade items like Ether seeds or class items common to uncommon. Real minor stuff,you know. If you still wish to hate me and call me a troll...fine. But at least look at this before making your comment and Bungie,please don't ban me. Thank you.
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