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    I'm currently formulating a lawsuit against bungie for their heinous act of making every other game obsolete during the creation of destiny. This is only the beginning... When that game hits shelves it will be cataclysmic... The games are only the first to lose their value... One can only wonder what's next... Food, water, social image? ALL things that will be thrown out the window within 24 hours of the outbreak. Friendships and families will soon dissipate. by immersing yourself in Destiny, things like love and compassion will become theoretically irrelevant, like the remnant of a lost, un evolved society... I know a guy who forgot his own wedding playing the beta... His... Ex fiancé... Will forever replay in her mind, the moment he walked up those ivory steps in Adidas sweatpants and a kool-aid stained t-shirt 6 hours late. The only thing the man could profess his love for... Was his newly acquired FLAMING warlock Bond... Which I have to admit... is pretty f***** sweet. Destiny is the endgame of humankind, humanities worst disaster is just over the horizon and here we all stand waiting... On the precipice... I will see you all on the battlefield or be the one to tear you away from it... Just remember during the 8th time your wives and mothers call you to the table to eat... This has all been fortold... Your social stature and sex lives shall all become... "Legend"
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