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    As a huge fan of destiny myself I check news on destiny daily, always hungering for more info for the game I have most anticipated for. When I saw that their was a new weekly update I clicked that sucker as fast as I could, to find what was written above. After reading it all I smiled, because the people at Bungie took the time to say all that they were thankful for, as in par with Thanksgiving. They even thanked the fans and gaming community for pushing and inspiring them. So after reading the article I decided to do something I rarely do, read the comments, and sadly I was disheartened. After Bungie took the time to say what they were thankful for, there were people bashing the crap out of them, demanding more, acting like spoiled brats. That they knew what Bungie "needs" to do in order to "stop losing their fan base". I couldn't help but to bring up that the people behind destiny and Bungie are in fact [b][u]PEOPLE[/u][/b] and deserve to be treated as such. I for one was pleasantly surprised by this weekly update and will be eagerly awaiting next weeks update. I think some fans need to calm down and stop acting like pretentious know it alls and just enjoy the content as it comes out. Bungie is not your slaves to bend to your whims and demands. I think some people need to grow up. and remember what your parents taught you "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
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