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Destiny Companion Update - 5/17/2018

What's New:
  • Added support for showing the new Multi-Emotes.
  • Added game type & teams to private matches in Game History.
  • Added Crucible Valor/Glory ranks to player profiles.
  • Added support for showing Seasonal Ranks in Vendors.
  • Adding support for showing the contents of the Prismatic Matrix in Eververse.
  • Added support for Pursuits in the Gear section.
  • Fixed the Masterwork state not showing on Legendary and Exotic items.
    • Some extra objectives may be showing in the details of Exotic weapons.
  • Find Fireteams improvements.
    • Clans are no longer required to create a fireteam.
    • All users can now create a scheduled fireteam.
    • Clan administrators can now moderate clan fireteams in the web client.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Localization improvements.

Known issues:
  • Players are not able to change Emotes from the Companion apps
  • "All Crucible" stats from the API will include private matches.  Individual gametypes do not bucket, though (i.e. Clash stats do not contain Private Match Clash stats)
  • Clan admins will not see UI to moderate fireteams in the mobile clients.

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