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Companion Update - 7/20/2016

We made a few updates to the Destiny Companion today. Effective immediately, you have the ability to set your in-game Emblem as your forum avatar. We also modified the way Recruitment and #Help works. These changes are also coming soon to both the Android and iOS apps. 

To set your Avatar as your in game Destiny Emblem, go to the Settings menu under your profile page and pick which character you want to feature. Once selected, your Avatar will automagically display the Emblem currently equipped to that character. It may take a few minutes to update when you switch Emblems in-game or with the Gear Manager

You'll also find improved functionality to enable you to form up into Fireteams. Recruitment works a little differently now. It has been moved from the forum menu to it's own section under Community. The UI has been updated as well, to make it easier to sort by console and choose the Activity you want to play. Go check it out!

The other change you may notice is that the #Gameplay tag in #Help is now #Game Issues. This was done to help indicate that #Game Issues is the best place to post about bugs or issues you have while playing Destiny.

If you have any feedback about these changes, or ideas for what you would like to see added in the future, please post in the Website or Companion App feedback forums.
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