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National Coming Out Day

Today marks the 34th anniversary of National Coming Out Day and the 35th anniversary of the Second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. For many in the LGBTQIA+ community, National Coming Out Day is a reminder of the work done by generations of queer folks to continuously secure the safety to exist openly and be treated with dignity and respect.  

In societies across the world, our gender, sexuality, and romantic orientations are assumed from the day we are born. Society tells us over and over that being straight and cisgender is what is normal. We celebrate and honor this day because for everyone who identifies as LBGTQIA+, this idea of coming out and being our truest authentic selves is the single thread that connects our experiences as a community.  

For some, coming out is a moment of celebration. A moment when we get to say to those we love, “I know more about my true self and I’m so excited to share the fullness of who I am with you.” It is so exciting to finally be fully seen. 

For others, coming out is a moment of deep and terrifying uncertainty. We aren’t sure how those around us will react and whether we will find acceptance or rejection from the people we’ve considered our closest friends and family. Each new person we tell brings with it another round of anxiety and fear as we hope we will find acceptance and not lose that person from our lives. 

And, sadly, for so many, coming out is just not a safe choice to make. We hide our truth from everyone around us and do our best to hide it from ourselves, hoping and praying that something will come along to make life safe as we struggle to fit into a society that would rather see us dead than see us for who we really are. 

There is no one experience of coming out, no one way to do it, and rarely ever just one time to come out. Declaring who we are and living life in the most authentic way we can is one of the greatest challenges and gifts that comes with being human. 

To those who have come out and found acceptance, thank you for being a light to the rest of the world for what can and should be. 

To those who have come out and been met with rejection and hatred, thank you for being true to who you are. Please know that you are worthy of love. We accept and cherish you because of your queerness, not in spite of it. 

And finally, to those who cannot or are not ready to come out, for any reason—we see you. Today we hold this space to honor and fight for you in the hope that you will be able to someday safely bring your light to the world and join us. 

The act of coming out is not limited to a single day, a single month, or even a single year. It is a journey whose only destination is to be your truest self, and no matter where you are on your path, you deserve to shine. We're proud today to release the End of the Rainbow transmat effect permanently for all players to give a venue for that shine, and we're further pleased to also share a special wallpaper set spotlighting several of Destiny 2's queer characters. Our universe is a wonderfully diverse place, and all of the colors to be found only make it brighter.

For those who may need support, or want to learn more:

Be brave, Guardians. And know you don’t walk alone. 
In love and solidarity, 
The members of Trans@Bungie and Pride@Bungie 

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