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Community Focus: Lozza Coolman

One Titan stands tall but far from alone. 

I’ve been in love with the cosplay community for over two decades now and have frequently gushed about various cosplayers through the years in my writing. So, when we brought back Community Focuses with a bang, you could bet your sweet bum I already had more than a few people in mind. As a Titan main, our return to cosplay goodness was an easy pick: a woman that absolutely pwns when it comes to crafting her perfect Destiny look. Plus, her friends and partner make a mean Saint-14 and an epic homage to Hunters, as well. Ready to finally get some time to shine, Titans? Let’s dive right in with the incredible Laura Moolman, also known by her cosplay alias, Lozza Coolman for her cosplay.  

Very excited to get a chance to chat with you and share your work with the Destiny 2 community at large! Before we dive into the details, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into cosplay and Destiny?  

I am currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I work at a winery currently, but I’ve done some cool stuff for qualifications in zookeeping and would love to work with animals one day.! 

I first got into cosplay after seeing a friend (Shadinski Cosplay) in Melbourne when they were cosplaying a Fallen captain and I just couldn’t resist making one of my own. I have always loved this game, so spending some time working on my Hunter, making it unique and fun, was awesome. 

Your cosplays are incredible, so we gotta ask: HOW?! What is your process like, how long did it take you to make that sweet Titan (seen below)?  

It took me a couple of weeks to just get the base done! The longest part of the process was teaching myself how to use different software like Pepakura and Blender. Thankfully, there are so many amazing cosplayers out there making tutorial videos that teach you the basics of making cosplay, so that really helped.  

Usually, when I start out a cosplay, I spend a fair amount of time looking for references; the transmog system that’s in Destiny 2 has been an amazing addition to help me with this, actually. After that, I create templates, transfer to foam, cut/glue, sand down any imperfections, and – eventually – cover the suit with a coat of paint!  

A lot of your cosplays are of my favorite Beefy Bois; are you a Titan main and if so, why are so obviously the best class? 

I actually started out as a Hunter main and have been maining Hunter since the release of Destiny 2 in 2014. I only recently picked up maining Titan because, come on … THEY SO THICK! At this current moment, I am team Titan for the win and I can’t imagine anything else. It’s the best class for fashion, helping out the Fireteam, and one-hitting bosses! Guess the Hunter emblem tattooed on my arm is a bit dated now … whoops!  

Former Hunter main myself, I totally get it. All of the classes are great, but Titan go BOOM, so... you know. Regarding cosplay though, it's been really amazing seeing how much this community has grown through the years. What are some of your fondest memories as a cosplayer? 

I have loved being a part of the Destiny cosplay community here in Australia! I’ve made so many great friends and I even met my boyfriend through this community (going three years strong, yes!)

As for my favorite moment, I really think it’s when I got photos back from my first Destiny cosplay group meet. Seeing us all looking so amazing was what made me really love this craft on a deeper level. I’ve really loved the Destiny events at PAX Australia and am definitely keen on more in the future! 

Dig it, now the same question but make it games. What is your fondest moment playing Destiny? Especially with having such a close-knit group in this community. 

Easily one of my fondest memories was getting Vex Mythoclast (finally!) after five runs of the Vault of Glass raid. I had tried so hard to get it in the first Destiny game and even had to 3D print one in real life just to feel like I had it [laughs]. Getting that weapon drop was a dream come true, nothing like it. 

We've got a lot of Guardians interested in the cosplay community, what is the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out their journey? 

Yes! More Destiny cosplayers, please! The best advice I can give is to watch lots of tutorials and spend a bit of time making practice props and armor. This will help you get a feel for the material you are working with, making it feel more familiar. Reach out to others that have done Destiny cosplay too, don’t be afraid to ask for tips!  

Honestly, the hardest part is just taking the leap and getting started on your first cosplay. Once you’ve made that first step, it only gets easier from there!

What are you stoked for the most out of the future of Destiny? Anything you're still hoping to see make its way into the game? 

I am very much looking forward to seeing more alliances between the Guardians and the different alien races! I loved the Season of the Splicer story and the alliance with Caital, I’d like to see more of that. Maybe even see alliances with the Hive or Vex in the future! Who knows, maybe even a new race of aliens (see says hopefully).  

And your dream subclass? If you could make your own subclass - I'm talking no limits; shoots out huggable kittens for all I care - what would it be? 

I want to see a subclass based on the Hive. Using Hive magic would be so cool; I want to be a green, glowy Titan that does cool, green glowy punch-y things. 

Don't let those dreams be dreams, boo, big green Titan sounds awesome! OK, OK, I have to nerd out a little bit more with you. It's no secret that I'm a huge Crow stan, so I have to know who your favorite Destiny character is. 

I have always been a big fan of Drifter. I just can't get his voice out of my head, what is that/! He's just in there while I do my tasks, being perfect. 

Lauren, thank you so much for taking some time out of your projects to talk to us and letting our community get to know you a little better. One last thing before I let you go: is there anyone you want to shoutout here in your Community Focus? Where can people find you to support you on your continued journey in the world of cosplay? 

I would love to give a shoutout to all of the members of Destiny Cosplay Australia and a huge shoutout to my boyfriend, Locked Props. He’s helped me so much with my cosplays and is the best Saint-14 a girl could ask for!  

You can find me on Instagram @LozzaCoolman, on Facebook under the same name, and on Twitch as Lozza_Coolman. I’ll be streaming The Witch Queen at launch, all are welcome to hang out!  

That’s a wrap, another awesome Community Focus in the books and yet another Guardian getting a chance to share their Light with the world. It’s always a good time chatting with the community, thank you so much for hanging out with us for another laid- back Friday. Hold on to those butts, though, because The Witch Queen drops this month! (Seriously, how is it already February!?).  

Are you digging that our Community Focus segment is back in action? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more planned. If you have someone special that you’d love to see get a shoutout, feel free to hit up Cozmo, DMG, Sam, or myself with those names you want to see next! And in case you missed it, check out last week's Community Focus that was all about Danfinity right here.

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