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Community Focus - Ms Kenner

Welcome to the Community Focus. This is where we take some time to introduce you to awesome members of our Destiny community. This week, we welcome a content creator of many talents who has a love for life and community.  

Please meet Ms Kenner! 

Alright, let's start by having you tell us a little bit about yourself and what first got you into gaming. 

Ms Kenner: My name is Jessica, but I'm most usually called Ms Kenner (Ms K for short). I have a husband and two children, live in Louisiana, and love bananas. 

I dabbled in gaming when I was younger. My mom was a single mom so we couldn't get gaming consoles for myself. While my mom worked, I would spend evenings at my friend's house and was able to play Nintendo and other games. When I would go to my older cousin's house, I used to spend hours playing Age of Empires on his PC, as well as Tekken, Tomb Raider, Madden, and many others on his consoles. After I got out of the Army, I had an Xbox and that's when my love for Halo started. With Halo came online friendships. That was where the true passion for gaming as a regular and consistent hobby started.  

Age of Empires is a fantastic game. Tell us about how you discovered Destiny and why you decided to get involved in its community.  

Ms Kenner: I first found Destiny shortly after its release. I had been playing a lot of Halo all the way from the start. But a while after Halo 3, between my children and job, I found little time to game and connect. 

Mr Kenner started playing Destiny since day-one. I would watch him play and began learning things. Sometimes, I would hop on his account and play. One day, he needed to run an errand and asked if I would hop on and farm SRL for the loot it was dropping. I hogged the controller even after he got back. 

That night I downloaded the game and haven't stopped playing since. As time went on, I made more friendships, and found the time to play. With changes at work and the kids getting older, Destiny became a daily household activity.  

A few years later, I decided to live stream from the Xbox to show a clanmate something I was doing. I had no computer or overlay graphics, just the Xbox, a Kinect camera, and the game.  

Even though it was a ton of fun, I only streamed a handful of other times and eventually stopped because streaming regularly never seemed possible due to my limited free time.  

In the summer of 2019, I picked it back up and started streaming more regularly. On September 30, I was raided by someone I hadn't met and didn't know about. AyyItsChevy shared his community with me. I was so blown away at how supportive everyone was and all the people I was able to meet. I was so excited to load up stream the next day and every day after that. I say this because that was the night I decided to make streaming a consistent priority. I could not let the joy and excitement I experienced that night go to waste. 

I met so many people through Chevy’s chat, and then others through them and so on, that all treated me the very same: Greeted with arms wide open. When I go into their communities, it's like I'm home. I vowed to myself that I would do whatever I could to create a space where others can feel at home, accepted and wanted — the same way Chevy and every other person along this whole journey has done for me. 

I strive for that every day. 

It’s always great hearing stories about the community supporting each other. What has been your favorite subclass and weapons to use this Season? 

Ms Kenner: I've completed or am working on completing the solo and solo/flawless for the different Harbingers, regular and Master Presage as well as Lost Sectors, so a lot of my time has been spent with a Well of Radiance Warlock.  

As far as PvP, I finally built an almost triple-100-stat build for my Hunter, so I've been using Stasis quite a bit for that. 

The Dead Man's Tale has been a blast to use in PvP! Especially, when it has subsistence and you hip-fire. I finally got my Eyes of Tomorrow so my PvE gameplay has upgraded! Lol. 

Tell us about what kind of content we can see on your channel. 

Ms Kenner: This community is filled with tons of talented, hilarious, wholesome, and supportive individuals who I have the pleasure and honor of calling friends. So, besides an awesome chat environment, we love jokes and memes. I tend to gravitate towards any type of high-difficulty PvE, but I still have a deep love for PvP and Trials. I love EDM and metal so I can usually be seen bopping my head to the beat. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but we always spread love. Oh, and we talk about aliens and the cosmos … a lot.  

Btw, I am also known as Ms Kappa, so expect a lot of silly jokes and comedic rants. I come with a lot of energy! I usually stream overnight (CST) but can also be found randomly during the day. 

OK Ms Kappa, what do you like to do when you're not streaming or gaming? Rumor is you are an excellent singer.  

Ms Kenner: Most of my time is spent with the kids and my hubby but I also love to run and try to do it as much as possible. I spend any additional time going through my different platforms and connecting with people throughout the whole community. Even as a hobby, I love watching Twitch. I have also taken up crocheting lately and am learning more about it. When everything is safe, I would like to go to more festivals and shows like I used to. Need to get some gamer meet-ups like GCX rolling when we can! 

I love singing! I have never done it in a professional sense or public setting, but I do it all day long, everywhere I go. If I had to identify one talent about myself, I would probably only say singing. It's actually one of the only things I'm shy about. It would be a dream to step into a real studio and let loose. Maybe one day! 

Wow, gaming, streaming, singing, and even crocheting. So many talents! Where all can we find you on the internet? 

Twitter: @Ms_Kenner and @MsKappa 

Twitch: MsKenner

Instagram: Ms_Kenner

Youtube: MsKenner (content to come) 

Anything else you would like to add before we let you go? 

Ms Kenner: I come with a story that I am open to sharing when the times arise. My past is colorful and vast like so many people. Being personal and personable with this community are things that have helped me grow as a person and how my deepest connections have been made. Don't be surprised if you hop in stream and I’m in tears from the joy of loving others that surround me every day. Like I always say, "Spread love. Be love. You only get one life, make it flawless.". 

We really appreciate Ms Kenner stopping by to say hi and share a little about herself and her channel. 

We are going to keep rolling these out. So, if you have ideas on who you would like to see featured in the future, please share them with us. 
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