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Thank You

Happy Holidays. 

2020 has been a year unlike any other. There have been challenges that many of us have never faced before. There have been moments of difficulty, fear, and sorrow. But something that’s kept us going, no matter how difficult things may have been, has been this community. 

Before we go bid a temporary farewell for the holidays, we wanted to say thank you to the Destiny community for being a bright light for those in need. Time and time again, you prove that gaming does good. Even during quarantine, you made your mark on each charity initiative that’s been available. You helped to elevate the voices of those who need to be seen and heard. No matter the challenge, you show up in force to take a stand when others are unable to. 

Through 2020, you’ve raised ~$4.9 million in total through our charity events. With each initiative, you’ve smashed expectations. It’s been wonderful to see how much good this community can do.

Thank you, truly, for being Guardians of the world. 

GCX Legends 

Earlier this year, a few of you made some truly significant contributions to the GXC Charity Event during our time on the stream. Each of you are legends in our hearts. 

  • Datto & Danielle  
  • RussC2503 
  • CCkun91 
  • GPHash 
  • DrLupo 

Additionally, we want to honor our Thank You incentive for the GCX Charity Stream earlier this year. A massive “thank you” to everyone who donated $500 or more. 

  • A Storm Rising 
  • Avalonstar 
  • Bobizard 
  • Brandon D. 
  • Crimmy 
  • Cyntinel 
  • ErianasVow 
  • HiredN00bs 
  • JDV 
  • Lynid 
  • MageFyre 
  • MyExHasMyMoney 
  • NFreak 
  • Orion 
  • Paul Tassi 
  • PixelBehr 
  • Ruxomar 
  • steccato 
  • ThatchedRoof 
  • TheZolo2011 
  • TSG_Saint 
  • BigDaddyTeej 
  • Crymidium 
  • o0wilky0o 
  • Pyro Gaming 
  • Sundance321 
  • ThaStrake 
  • The_BryceKIng 
  • Yumi and the Mayhem Wolves 

Note: For anyone who donated $100 or more, make sure to check your email. We’ve recently distributed the Fluid Resonance emblem, so make sure to redeem it! 

Light Keepers 

Before we go, we’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who donated or contributed to our most recent Game2Give livestream marathon. Each of the following Light Keepers helped to raise over 10 thousand dollars during each of their respective livestreams. As a note, you've collectively helped to raise over $1.3M to date, and the Light Keepers campaign will be open until 12/31, 11:59pm PT! 

  • Gladd 
  • Rick Casey 
  • Leopard 
  • Thomas Middleditch 
  • Tamsin Wood 
  • GernaderJake 
  • Ekuegan 
  • T1Riot 
  • Pause Reset Play 
  • Gigz 

  • Destiny Item Manager 
  • Clan Obtained 
  • Jungle Squad 
  • Emerge 

Many thanks to all who hopped on a stream, donated, or helped to spread the word on this initiative.  

No matter your contributions, everything helps, and you’ve all helped make this world a better place. We’re excited for 2021, and to see how much more we can do to help those in need.  
Thank you, and we’ll see you starside. 
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