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Deep Stone Crypt World First Winners

Many fireteams pushed through the cold and into the unknown in search of mystery with hopes of glory. But in the end, only one would be able to make the claim of being the first in the world to defeat the new raid. Our team took the necessary time to review the completion and have validated the run. 

Here are the winners of the Deep Stone Crypt World First raid race with a time of 5h 29m 10s! 

  • Aoterra  
  • Claw  
  • Flux  
  • Schendzie  
  • SiegeDancers  
  • Sotosolice 

We were able to finish our review and make the official announcement yesterday but wanted to publish the promised post today in case anyone missed it over the weekend.  

It was thrilling watching this race from home. There were some ups and downs, and many teams came extremely close to taking down the final boss, but in the end these six Guardians from the clan Luminous rose above the rest and were the first to finish.  

Each member of the fireteam is going to be receiving one of these fancy World First Raid Titles with their name on it. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to prepare and compete in this race. It’s always inspiring to watch the community tackle these raid encounters and showcase your sensational PvE skills. We saw a lot of teams finish close behind the winners and many more were able to get a clear while Contest Mode was still active and claim the coveted 24-hour emblem. 

Congrats again to clan Luminous, and for anyone who hasn’t got a chance to play it yet, Deep Stone Crypt awaits your arrival. 
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