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This Week At Bungie – 11/12/2020

This week at Bungie, we launched Beyond Light. 

No more waiting, Beyond Light has arrived! There was some turbulence at the start, but our team of experts worked the problem and remained vigilant in making sure Guardians were ushered through the queue and could safely touch down on Europa. 

Millions of Guardians have answered Variks’ distress call and began to explore the icy moon. Secrets have been discovered, enemies have been vanquished, your quest for Exotic loot has begun. Whether you have already finished the campaign or are still eagerly awaiting for your chance to hop in for the first time this weekend, there is still a lot of great Destiny content ahead of you! 

Speaking of new content, we just unveiled a new trailer for Season of the Hunt and a Season page to go with it. Check it out! 

Season of the Hunt is live now, but it really gets going next week when the Season’s mission kicks off and Wrathborn hunts begin. Prepare to stop Xivu Arath from attempting to seize power with the help a familiar ally. Until then, don’t forget to grab the new Seasonal Artifact. Just try not to mess up Zavala's office while you’re in there.

Fine, It’s Cosmic Ice 

We are seeing many Guardians out in the wild who have claimed Stasis as their own and embraced a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural. There are many Aspects and Fragments still left to be discovered that will allow you to further customize your new powers. We wanted to give you some additional info on how these new status effects will hinder your opponents. This is not info the Vanguard would tell you.  

Stasis Slow 

Against Combatants: 
  • Slow will shut off combatants’ movement abilities and slow their movement. 

Against Players: 

  • Slow will reduce movement speed. 
  • Reduce ability regeneration rates. 
  • Suppress movement abilities (jump, dodge, etc). 
  • Reduce the following weapon stats: 
      • ADS speed 
      • ADS move speed 
      • Weapon reload speed 
      • Weapon handling 
      • Weapon kick direction 
  • Reduces weapon accuracy.

Stasis Freeze 

All targets: 

  • Freeze can be shattered by damage. Shattering a freeze causes it to do AOE damage to the frozen target and all other nearby targets, including other frozen targets. 
  • Freeze lasts for some duration before crumbling off. 
  • Unlike shattering, a freeze that crumbles does not do any damage to the frozen enemy or nearby enemies. 
Against Combatants: 

  • Freeze will lock all non-boss combatants in place for the duration of the effect. 
  • Bosses will automatically shatter out after some duration. 

Against Players: 

  • Freeze will lock players into place when applied for the duration of the effect. 
  • While frozen, players will have their class ability replaced with a new Breakout ability that allows players to exit their freeze early at the trade-off of health. The damage this breakout does can be reduced by the Resilience stat. The more Resilience the less damage you take. 
  • Players can activate their Supers to immediately breakout in Super state. 

Against Players in Roaming Supers: 
  • Locks players in place until broken out. 
  • Players will quickly shatter out and take a small amount of damage. 

Against One-off Supers: 
  • Suppresses Super and locks players in place until broken out or expires. 
  • All player freeze rules apply here. 

Stasis is a new damage type and we're excited to see how Guardians harness this new power. As always, we are monitoring community feedback and checking analytics data to consider for future tuning of the sandbox. 

While we are on the topic of Stasis, we have some new wallpapers for you!

Flight Dynamics Officers 

When it’s time to launch new content our player support team are in the virtual room where it happens, making sure you are informed of the status of the game and keeping track of known issues.  

This is their report. 


Ever since Monday, November 9, we’ve been investigating server stability and various error codes, including GUITAR and ARUGULA. We’ll provide more information once it becomes available. 


Many players have reported to us that they purchased Beyond Light but don’t have the Season Pass and can’t access the campaign after the first mission. 

Season Passes aren’t included in the Standard Edition of Beyond Light, so players who purchased this edition will have to purchase the Season Pass in the game. Additionally, Season Passes can’t be shared between accounts. 

For those sharing the expansion on console, the main console has to download Beyond Light first before the second console can access that content. 

For platform-specific players: 


Players should look at their order history to confirm that their transaction of Beyond Light was successful. If it wasn’t, they should contact Xbox Support for assistance. 

For players who purchased Beyond Light successfully but still can’t access the expansion, they may need to manually reinstall all add-ons: 

Highlight Destiny 2 
  • Press the Menu button, 
  • Select "Manage game and add-ons" 
  • Press the Menu button, 
  • Select "Manage installation" 
  • Manually reinstall all add-ons
Please note that the Game Pass version of Beyond Light doesn’t include a Season Pass.  


Players who purchased Beyond Light but can’t access the expansion should restore their Destiny licenses. If players still experience issues, they should contact PlayStation Support to verify their purchase. 


Players on Steam should go to their “Library,” right-click on Destiny 2, click “Properties,” click the “DLC” tab, and make sure that Beyond Light and all appropriate DLC is installed. If Beyond Light isn’t listed, players need to purchase Beyond Light or contact Steam Support


Earlier this week, we disabled the Rose Hand Cannon from use due to its RPM still being 150 instead of 140. This issue will be resolved in a future update. 

We also noticed that Legendary drop rates were changed in the EDZ Widow’s Walk Lost Sector, which we corrected on Wednesday. 


Destiny 2 on PC now supports integration with the NVIDIA Reflex SDK for compatible graphics cards. This improves responsiveness and reduces “click-to-display” latency. Players can tweak their experience by following the direction in our NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Guide


Beginning on December 1, 2020, at 9 AM PST, Blizzard's accounts will no longer be available for users to log in with on or the Destiny Companion app, nor will users be able to migrate their account to Steam.  

Users who only have a account linked to their Bungie profile are strongly encouraged to either link another platform to their profile, or to perform PC migration to Steam (unless you already have a Destiny 2 Steam account). Click here for more information. 


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum

  • The “Fabled Warrior” Triumph doesn't count weapons that were purchased from the Monuments to Lost Lights Exotic Archive. 
  • The Europa patrol “To the Nth Power” can’t be progressed by Warlocks using Stasis 
  • Sometimes Vendors and enemies have model deformations. 
  • Players who dismantle Stasis Fragment quests must wait a week before picking up a new one. 
  • The One-Inch Punch finisher won’t kill enemies if players have Stasis equipped. 
  • Kill-based weapon perks may work inconsistently on Stasis-frozen shatter kills. 
  • Xbox players are experiencing crashes while in the Tower, especially when opening their Vault. 
  • Cutscenes suffer from severe stutter and result in an extremely poor viewing experience for some PC players. 
  • Many Multi-part emotes stop playing after they enter animation. 
  • Warlock's "Frostpulse" can fail to freeze target if there's a difference in elevation. 
  • When using PlayStation Remote Play, controller settings reset to default. 
  • On Xbox One, the chat volume slider does not affect incoming voice chat volume. 

For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum

New Releases

Who wants to see some movies? This is your time to shine. Every week, we take a look around the internet to find a few of our favorite community-created videos and share them here for all to see. Here are our picks for this week.  

Petite lueur


As always, our winners will be receiving a special emblem to commemorate their victory. Starting this week, we have a brand-new emblem to start giving out, called Photologician. Want to see it? 

If you won, please make sure you include links to your profile so we can deliver your new emblems. 

Artists of the Week 

For some while now, we have been highlighting amazing art created by the community from our social channels and awarding the artist a special emblem. We don’t want to limit the audience to Twitter, so we’ve cooked up a fun section for the TWAB to feature some sweet artwork on a weekly basis. Like Movie of the Week, we’ll be sharing creations here and awarding special emblems to their creators. 

Here are our selections for this week.  

Ghost Bump 




Congrats to those in the first round, and many thanks to all of the artists in the Destiny Community for filling our timelines and creation page with these wonderful pieces. We’ll see you again next week with another round! 

As we transitioned from Season of Arrival into Season of the Hunt, we held a small event in the Last City for you to spend the final few hours jumping around with your friends and watching the Traveler do... Traveler things. Big thanks to everyone who showed up for the final hours of Season of Arrival. If you weren’t able to see it, we uploaded the short cinematic that ushered in the new era of Beyond Light for you here

It’s a shorter TWAB this week, but we know you are busy with new stuff to do. We will be monitoring the community conversation around loot, Stasis, and everything else you have feedback on. 

It’s been pretty inspiring getting to watch this team put this release together from home. This is another first for us and though we definitely miss getting to see each other at the studio, Bungie loves a chance to take on a new challenge. Plus, it will never not be funny watching kids and pets crash meetings.  

I know everyone here at Bungie is proud of Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt and we all want to thank you for playing. We hope you enjoy the rest of the launch week and the Season to come. 

<3 Cozmo 
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