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This Week At Bungie – 7/18/2019

This week at Bungie, we make way for the Iron Lord.

We have begun to see Shadows lurking about this season. Many of you have been diligently knocking out every challenge and Triumph for Season of Opulence. Most of us still have a good backlog of Triumphs to complete and items to collect. Someone pointed out that this was the first week of Season of Opulence in which there wasn’t something new to do. Consider this week a chance for you to catch your breath if you have Triumphs and pursuits stacking up. If you’re already looking for more challenges, Solstice of Heroes will heap more of them onto your plate. You’ll find more details on the upcoming event next week.

Cry Wolf

It’s time to let the wolves howl again. Saladin will raise his banners next week when he returns to the Tower on July 23. He brings with him an invitation to a powerful fight and accelerated Valor gains.

Iron Banner and Increased Valor
Start: 10 AM PDT on July 23
End: 10 AM PDT on July 30

This competitive event will allow you to advance any Iron Banner quest steps you didn’t finish earlier in the season. If you missed the first Iron Banner of Opulence, this is your chance to kick off the quest and earn that singular gear. Full details on how Iron Banner is being run this season are documented here. We did get some feedback on this quest and have some changes lined up, but they didn’t make it in time for this Iron Banner. We’ll give you the details before the next one starts up.

This will be the last Iron Banner before we deploy an update to Lord of Wolves. As Luke mentioned last month, anyone who plays during these two Iron Banners will receive a special Triumph and emblem to commemorate that you were there when the wolves ran wild.

A Guardian Always Pays Their Debts

As part of Season of Opulence, Guardians are paying homage to their previous adventures to earn awesome rewards. Some of us leveraged an exploit in the Tribute Hall, taking advantage of Calus’s generosity with some clever character-switching shenanigans to place that free tribute over and over and over… you get it. This allowed some players to skip the tribute experience entirely, making other players who had done bounties and pledged large amounts of their resource reserves feel a little irked.

We will be fixing this glitch on July 30 as we kick off Solstice of Heroes. As you all know, it not our policy to punish players who discover cheeses, loot caves, or workarounds in the game. If you took advantage of this short cut, you can rest easy. You won’t be marched in front of Calus for sentencing. However, you will not be able to keep using all of your ill-gotten rewards until you square up things with Calus. 

The “Tributes Placed” total will now accurately reflect individual tributes placed on your accounts. If you used the exploit, this number will be updated to properly reflect the total number of tributes you’ve actually placed. The activation and equipping of both the Bad Juju catalyst and “X Marks the Spot” emotes are also gated by your total number of tributes placed. Bad Juju will not require you to have 18 tributes placed for it to be used. If you cheesed your way to the catalyst or emote, you have some time to start placing legit tributes before July 30.

Mysterious Benefactors

Player Support has their weekly report on the state of the game and any known issues to watch out for. Here is what you need to know. 

Tribute Hall Triumphs—Exotic Weapons

In last week’s blog, we clarified which weapons and armor from the Menagerie contribute to Tribute Hall Triumphs. This week, we’d like to clarify which Exotic weapons provide bonus progress.

These Exotic weapons include:

Players should be aware that Truth does not count toward these Triumphs, and neither does the quest version of Legend of Acrius.

This version of Legend of Acrius can be identified by having no catalyst socket or ornament slot, having only a single round in its magazine, and having the “Shock Blast” intrinsic perk. Players with this version of Acrius can upgrade it by completing the Exotic quest that begins with “On the Comms.”

Vital Information: 22/24 Moments of Triumph

With the recent rollout of the 2019 Moments of Triumph, we’d like to clarify a point of confusion which has emerged among players.

Currently, players can complete only 22 of the 24 total Moments of Triumph. The final two Triumphs will become available with the launch of Solstice of Heroes on July 30, 2019. In the meantime, players will be unable to complete this seal and earn the “MMXIX” title.

For more information on Solstice of Heroes 2019, stay tuned to our News page.

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues

Listed below are the latest player-impacting issues discovered in Season of Opulence, as reported by players to the #Help forum.

  • Destiny Services: We’re investigating an elevation of Destiny service issues over the past week. For live updates on Destiny services when issues arise, players should follow @BungieHelp on Twitter or monitor our support feed on
  • Bright Dust Tributes: We’re investigating an issue where the statues given for the Bright Engram and Bright Dust tributes are switched. This issue should not impact players’ ability to complete the Tribute Hall.
  • Tribute Hall Triumphs: We're investigating an issue where Tribute Hall triumphs will sometimes not give players Tributes.
  • Sturm Catalyst and Drang (Baroque): We're investigating an issue where Drang (Baroque) doesn't count towards Sturm's Catalyst.

For the latest gameplay issues as soon as they are discovered, players should visit our Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread. For archived known issues, players should visit our Destiny 2 Known Issues support article.


Welcome to Movie of the Week where we pick a few videos we like and give their creators an emblem. This week, we witnessed a truly herculean feat. Check this out. 

Movie of the Week: Riven 1v1 me (language warning)

Honorable Mention: Pay it forward

It’s been a light couple of news weeks as we prepare to shift gears into Solstice of Heroes. In the weeks to come, we’ll dive into many topics that will require some detailed discussion to get you ready for what awaits you this fall. We know you have questions about cross save, Shadowkeep, new character customization, Season of the Undying, and things we haven’t even hinted at yet. This summer will be a time to get you ready for another Moon launch.

Until then, enjoy your time in the Iron Banner.

<3 Cozmo

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