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Bungie Rewards Update

Updated: 1/31/2019

In September 2018, we launched a brand new rewards program called Bungie Rewards, built around the game and linked to the Bungie Store give you more ways to celebrate, commemorate, and show off your in game accomplishments. Thank you, Guardians, for your participation and positive response.

We're pleased to share we will be continuing the program throughout 2019. Whether you’re a recent addition to the Destiny community , or a grizzled veteran, please visit the Bungie Rewards Guide for info on Rewards both past and present. Bungie Rewards offers additional collector’s items to earn, acquire and unlock that are uniquely crafted to commemorate various tiers of in game accomplishments, both for free and for pre-order purchase. 

To sign up, you can visit the Bungie Rewards page now. As new offers are added to Bungie Rewards, we’ll update the page with more details.
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