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The community focus is our celebration of the player. When you do great things, we put you in the spotlight. We’ve had artists, musicians, guides, badasses, and a long list of others share their stories in the past. Our goal is to introduce you to a new face. This week, we have two faces that are part of a streaming duo. They’re not just good friends that stream together. They are a father-son duo that offers up their raid expertise to help others. 

Let’s meet the gentleman of WTFGameNation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you fit into the Destiny 2 Community.

P and T: Our names are Peanut and Toast, and we are a partnered Father/Son stream that focuses mainly on “raiducation,” specifically for the Prestige raid. “Raiducation” is the term we use to describe our method of teaching: We teach the raid the way it's meant to be played with integrity (all the best positions, strats, weapons, subclasses and everything to help for a successful raid).
We have been raiding consistently since Destiny first launched, and have made it our focus to teach the raid and all of its mechanics to those who have not had the opportunity to attempt/complete it. Or for those who just need a team to play with. Our community is filled with people whose desire is to help others learn and grow as players.
We appreciate you taking the time to pass your knowledge to others. Where can we find you on the internet?

P and T: We can be found mainly on Twitch, @WTFGameNation on Twitter, and we are adding more videos to our YouTube channel.
You can learn a lot about a Guardian by their preferred weapons and abilities. What is your favorite Subclass and weapon?

P and T: Sunbreaker Titans all the way! For Toast, Better Devils is by far the weapon that he has the most fun with. For Peanut, it's The Doubt from FWC.
At least you didn’t say Warlock. What kind of content can we find on your Twitch Channel?

P and T: We play many different games, but Destiny raid help is what we spend the majority of our time streaming. You'll find us helping people through the hardest PVE content to date on a regular basis.

For us, video games are an experience that are best when shared with friends, so everything that we stream has a cooperative focus. 
How many Raid completions do you have?

P and T: At the time of writing this, we have over 600 raid clears. Over 200 of those are Prestige clears.
That’s a lot of raiding! What Destiny 2 changes or additions are you most looking forward to?

P and T: The Return of the Shoulder Charge! The potential behind mods 2.0 is something we are really looking forward to. And of course, we are extremely excited for the next raid lair. 
Anything else you would like to add before we wrap up? 

P and T: Our community is one of integrity, kindness and support. We are a family first and foremost. We welcome new members and teach all the mechanics with patience and respect. As sherpas, we take great pride in teaching how the raid works to all people of all ages. 

If you're looking for help with the raid, or want to meet some of the best people we have had the pleasure of knowing, we invite you to check out our community. Stop by and raid with us!

If you have been hesitant to dip your feet into the deep end of the raid pool, WTFGameNation is ready to help you dive right in. Check out their stream at and find out the best way to join up in their fireteam sometime in the near future. 

We’re already on the hunt for who our next focus will be. If you would like to suggest someone or a group of someone’s, post their name on Community forum with the #CommunityFocus tag and why you think we should shine our spotlight on them. 

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