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Community Focus – Liger313

Our focus this week is an enthusiastic Guardian who loves nothing more than involving others in a shared activity. He’s a streamer who has brought together many people to attend discussion panels at events all across the country. He’s a toastmaster who stokes the fires of conversation about the game we love and the community we have built. We invited him to step into our spotlight and tell us a little about who he is and what he does. 

Please meet Liger313.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How would you describe your role in the Destiny community?

Liger313: My name is Nathan (a.k.a. Liger313). Ever since I began playing Halo: Combat Evolved with my brother and his friends, I have been entirely captivated by Bungie games. This was my first-ever FPS, and naturally I made my way into Destiny. Helping others in the community has been the best part of being involved with Destiny. It becomes more than just a game when you forge lasting friendships with fellow Guardians. Getting so many people involved in the game is something I have worked hard on and have found much value in. I pride myself on being a positive and energetic personality in the Destiny community—even though at times I may type too many lines in a Twitch chat (I’m sorry, tripleWRECK).

Please stop spamming chat! So, other than Twitch, where can we find you on the Internet?

Liger313: You can catch me on Twitter every single day, or find me live most nights on Twitch.

There are lots of new toys in D2 to play with. What have been your favorite subclass and weapon?

Liger313: Oh my, oh my… Where to start? Subclass-wise, I have been LOVING Golden Gun on my Hunter, mainly because it does so much damage, and it now generates a lot of orbs! Some of  the weapons that I go to often are Better Devils, Uriel’s Gift, and Merciless. You should totally keep these if you are lucky enough to get them. They are my favorites right now!
You have good taste in weapons. Tell us about your channel. What can we expect to see if we tune in?

Liger313: Welcome to The Den!! I aim to maintain a channel filled with positivity and people helping each other out. I’m usually immersed in the various activities available in Destiny 2, from assembling a team to face the newest, baddest raid bosses, to exploring the expansive universe and its eclectic set of characters, to finding the best plays to overcome opponents in Trials. Hopefully, the Sparrow Racing League will make its way back soon, so we can hop on our Sparrows once more and race my fellow Guardians. If you have questions or are seeking general knowledge about the game or items in Destiny 2, you are always welcome to stop by. I am blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing community.  

You have hosted a community panel at both PAX East and PAX West. Tell us a bit about that experience. How did you come up with the idea? Who did you have on? How did the panels go?

Liger313: Both panels I put together were amazing experiences. Speaking to a crowd of eager Guardians has enabled me to spread the word about our generous community and some of the amazing things we have achieved together. I want to give every possible player the knowledge and the chance to get involved and have an incredible experience like I have had. In each of my panels, I had the pleasure of working with some well-known community members, such as tripleWRECK, Datto, MissBlackkBear, Ms5000Watts, TheLegendBlue, SoAfterISaid, Dubstache558, Char, HeyFitzy, My Name Is Byf, Vio, and Hassan. Each voice had a unique perspective, whether it came from Reddit sources, community voices, partnered Twitch streamers, YouTubers, or growing streamers. I have had positive feedback from the panels from people learning new ways to get involved. I personally couldn’t have imagined this panel being more successful. I can’t give thanks enough to those who have helped me project my voice, and those who have helped me grow to where I am today.

That is quite a lineup of familiar faces. You have gotten to play Destiny 2 for a couple of weeks now. What do you think?

Liger313: Words cannot truly describe my full experience in Destiny 2 so far. It has honestly been everything I could have imagined in a game, and has surpassed my expectations. In my opinion, Bungie has really established its mark and has set the stage for the future of this franchise. The inspired storytelling and immersive depth of the gameplay were enough to pull me back into this world. I cannot wait to see what the DLCs will bring us! 

Glad you are enjoying it. Anything else you would like to add before we let you get back to playing Destiny 2?

Liger313: First and foremost, I would like to thank this collective community, as well as some of the key members who, three years ago, welcomed me into their communities. Without them, I would not be where I am today. They know who they are, and I hope they know that I am forever grateful. See you out there in Destiny 2, Guardians! 

A huge thanks to Liger313 for taking the time to stop by and tell us about himself and his channel. He streams most nights, so stop by and say hi. 

We are always taking suggestions about who you would like to see us focus on here. Go make a post on our Community forum with the #CommunityFocus tag. 

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