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Community Focus – Brian Moncus

Our focus this week is a community artist who has been putting out some absolutely fabulous Destiny inspired art. His work has been ricocheting all around the Internet as everyone in the community shares it around. We wanted to learn more about him and his creative process so we invited him here to tell us all about it.

Please meet Brian Moncus. 

Welcome to your Community Focus, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do in the Destiny Community. 

Moncus: Thank you and Hi! My name is Brian Moncus, but some just know me as or call me by my last name "Moncus." I'm an artist who works freelance from time to time. I was lucky enough to have some of my artwork make its way over into the Destiny Community back in 2015. Since then, I've enjoyed creating random pieces of art involving Guardians and other characters from the Destiny universe.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Moncus. Where can we find you and your art online?

Moncus: Most of my artwork can be found primarily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I post updates to artwork as often as I can and sometimes I throw in some warmups or just random sketches. The Destiny community is very active on Twitter, so I try to make it a priority to get it there first.
We want to know the Guardian behind the artist, what is your favorite weapon and Subclass?

Moncus: I have always been split between Titan and Warlock. When Destiny launched, I started with Titan. I just loved the Defender, mostly because it was supportive and felt tough in a PVE role. Adding the Helm of Saint 14 to the mix just made things perfect in that respect. It wasn't long afterwards that I began showing the Warlock class some love after seeing another Warlock in the tower wearing Voidfang Robes and carrying Thorn - which leads me to my favorite weapon. 

I fell in love with the design and lore of Thorn. I had to have it. So I waited for that exotic bounty and after countless hours of Nova Bombs and void fusion kills in the Crucible, I got it. I really enjoyed that journey, except for all the dying in the Crucible. Going into Destiny 2 however, I'll definitely be rocking the Sentinel Titan.

You have been sharing out some incredible art. Can you tell us a little about how you go about creating it?

Moncus: Thank you! I really can't thank everyone enough for all the comments, support, and love that I get for my work. The community for Destiny is unlike anything I've ever been involved with, which I think is why I enjoy creating fan art for Destiny so much. 

My process is really rather simple. Like most artists I start by gathering as much references or turnarounds for armor and weapons that I can and begin sketching. There are usually a lot of "bad" sketches before I find a good balance and "feel" for what I want. I strive for details and realism but I will also exaggerate features and twist elements to create a more interesting look depending on the mood of the character or drawing. 

In the case with Destiny related work, I want everyone to identify with it being Destiny but I want my work to give something more for someone to look at. At least that is what the goal is. I tend to work digitally on my wacom cintiq a lot these days but I'm a very accomplished in traditional work as well.
What are some of your favorite Destiny-inspired creations?

Moncus: Definitely the past 3 pieces of artwork that I've shared, not just because of the response to them – which, again, I'm very thankful and humbled by. I wanted to create something as sort of a tribute to the game and for myself to hang up and remind me of my time in Destiny the past three years and the fan art I've made. Speaking of past fan art, a lot of people will notice some of my older Destiny related work included " chibi" or cute styled guardians. Some of them were even added as avatars here on You can thank JoJo from Destiny Raiders for sharing my art for the first time on Twitter and back before The Taken King expansion dropped. At the time they were just cute little cartoons to me.

Do you have any favorite artists who have inspired you?

Moncus: There are so many. I could literally list paragraphs of them but my top picks would have to be Frank Frazetta, Joe Madureira (Joe MAD), Alex Ross, and Samwise Didier. I grew up with each one of these artists' work in front of my eyes in one way or another. Between comics and videogames, there are tons of inspirational artists and so much to learn from them. Other inspirations come from right here in the Destiny community with the DCA (Destiny Community Artists) discord that I was invited to. Being in a virtual room with artists sharing art and critiquing each other's work helps motivate me tremendously. 

I would also like to give some inspirational credit someone else other than the artists in my life however and that is my wife. She is the most supportive and understanding person in my life when it comes to my endless hours of drafting table time and even went so far as to surprise me with my first cintiq a few years ago. Which for those familiar with their cost is a big deal. Without her support I don't know where my art would be today.
That was very sweet of you. Our significant others put up with a lot of our passion projects. You are the first Community Focus since the Beta went live. What do you think so far?

Moncus: From what I have seen so far I think we are all in for a ride. Some of the changes in Destiny 2 whether big or small are going to change the way I play and the feel I have for the game. I also feel like the new abilities offer so much more for tactical gameplay opportunities and the new Supers look amazing. Personally, and I think I can speak for most, the Titan Sentinel looks like a force to be reckoned with. I think the changes to weapon slots is refreshing and interesting but it’s going to take some getting used to for sure. The artist side of me cannot wait to start work on drawing some of the new armor and weapons. Altogether I think Destiny 2 is going to be an amazing experience and I'm counting the days until its release.

Glad you’re enjoying it. 

Big thanks to Moncus for stopping by to tell us about his art. If you are an artist as well, submit your work to our Creations page. Maybe you will see your art shared out on our channels or even featured here on the blog as a Community Focus. Speaking of the Community Focus, do you know someone who you think we should feature? Let us know by making a post on the Community page with the tag #CommunityFocus.  

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