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Community Focus – Air Bubbles Cosplay

Our focus this week is a cosplay creator who has transformed herself into several characters from Destiny. She has an eye for detail and a lot of patience and time for bringing our characters to life. Cosplay requires more than just posing for pictures at events. There is a lot of sewing, crafting, and hard work to make these beautiful pieces. We invited Air Bubbles to tell us more about herself and how she forges these creations.

Welcome to your community focus. Tell us about the role you play in the Destiny community. 

AB: Thank you so much! I've never particular thought of what role I play within the Destiny Community, but more of what I do within it. I feel like a lot of people know me as "The Queen", because I dress up as Mara Sov quite frequently (I mean, who could get tired of being bowed too. I remember when Destiny first came out and I started playing, I was stopped at the Reef for months, because I was building the Queen of the Reef costume. As a cosplayer first and player second, I've worked hard to put myself out there in the community in ways that not only make me feel good, but also help others like participating in charity streams, attending events as well as reaching out to other artists and cosplayer to share their work with the community. 

I do love to play Destiny (a lot), but dressing up as characters from it and interacting with other cosplayers and players is what I love to do most. There's just something special about becoming a character you love and being able to be a player and cosplayer. I've met many amazing people I play with today because of their cosplay or because of my own cosplay! Plus, Destiny was the first group cosplay I ever did and it was with part of my Fireteam.


We appreciate all of the time you spend on becoming characters from our game. Where can go to see pictures of all of your incredible creations and track your progress?

AB: There are a few places you can go to see my work! I have Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter. I'd have to say I'm most active with progress shots on Twitter and Instagram, since they are just so easy and quick!

You have created some fantastic stuff. Yell us what materials you use to make your cosplay, and what methods you use.

AB: Awe shucks that means a lot to hear. I feel like I entered cosplay at a great time because there seems to be an endless list of supplies and materials that people can use. I personally make all my armor out of the thermoplastic worbla. For those that don't know what that is, it's a plastic that you can heat up and mold into different shapes quite easily. I also have come to grow fond of using more and more spandex in my cosplay as well!

 As far as methods, there's never a wrong or right way to do something (unless it's dangerous...). I'd say the method you'll see me use a lot is making armor from worbla and using what we call the 'fold over' method. That helps conserve worbla and keeps armor light and flexible. The fold over just means you cut out a larger piece of worbla than needed and fold it over a piece of foam which will serve as the core. As far as sewing goes, I used to consider myself a seamstress as opposed to an armor smith, but I make more armor now. When I do sew, I try and use my serger more than a regular sewing machine since it cuts down on time and keeps the edges of fabric from fraying. It's also great for stretch fabric!

Worbla, serger, you cosplayers have some interesting terms. What is your favorite subclass and weapon?

AB: Well first I have to say, Warlock Master Class. My favorite subclass would have to be the Stormcaller. I feel a little unoriginal saying that, but I love that subclass because, for one, you feel really cool when you release your super and for two, when I'm playing in a Fireteam, I feel like it's a subclass that really works well with a team dynamic through crowd control.

As far as weapons, I've been a big fan of Hawkmoon and Vision of Confluence since the very beginning. Hawkmoon is just a gorgeous gun in design and was my first Destiny prop I made, so it'll always have a special place in my heart! (and over my fireplace). During year 1 Destiny, Vision of Confluence was dropped for me right away during the Vault of Glass raid and I rocked that gun until I couldn't anymore.

Good choices. Vision of Confluence is also a favorite of mine. What has been the favorite thing you have created so far?

AB: Well that is certainly a tough question. My most favorite thing I've created so far, would probably have to be the Queen of the Reef cosplay (and its bunny suit counterpart). Chandra from Magic the Gathering is a close second, but there's nothing like getting painted blue and dressing up like a Queen to make you feel like a total bad ass. This cosplay was also a huge intensive sewing project where I drafted and created all my own patterns for every single piece of fabric you see on her. It was extremely hard and I learned so much from it. It paid off in the end, because that cosplay helped me place 3rd in my category at Emerald City Comicon 2015. (And to all the nay sayers out there, she's totally alive. I just know it! (I mean... I hope). 

If I had to make it a three way tie, Jolder was amazingly fun and stressful to make. Plus my friend over at Raptor Props built me a life sized Jolder's Hammer. It is 3D printed with a few cast pieces and a tube that runs through it so I could install a smoke machine. I felt like the coolest kid at the party carrying around that monster! And putting Siva on my face was just so freakin' cool! Destiny truly has some amazing characters. I wish I had time to make them all.

What all are you currently working on? Do you have any pics of things currently under construction?

AB: I'm currently working on a few different things, none of them Destiny related sadly, but I share many other fandoms. For Magic the Gathering fans an Amonkhet inspired Chandra, for the Disney fans, a high fashion Evil Queen, and for the Warmachine fans, Una, the Skyhunter. I do have a big Destiny project coming up that I worked on with Zach Fisher illustrations. He helped bring to life the image of a femme Variks which I'm hoping to get started on very soon. Other than that, I'll be fixing up Jolder a bit to wear to PAX West (Prime for the OG's), but I've been enjoying a nice break since that Jolder build was extremely draining. If you find me at PAX West, Jolder may lend you her Hammer (all 15 pounds of pure 3D printed bliss), or if you're a Lord Saladin, she may close the elevator door on you. I can give you a peek at Femme Variks and at least some armor progress with Una since they are both pretty exciting and giant builds. 

We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Anything else you would like to add before we go?

AB: I just have to say that since day 1 Destiny has been an incredibly open and friendly community and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have been able to attend the Destiny 2 premiere. I had literally just had surgery on my head the day prior, (see a very accurate representation of me below by Exo Watermelon), so I felt kind of like an idiot for hopping on a plane, but I had the time of my life! I met friends I had only spoken to on the internet and we laughed, cried, played the game and gasped together. This literally defines Destiny, a place to make friends. I have to give a special shout out to Belle Bunny and her Dames for the continued love and support and continued inspiration. There's nothing like friends from across the country to make you feel special and appreciated.

I'll be putting together a structured streaming schedule so people can watch me build stuff, or play Destiny (I've been putting it off way to long). If anyone ever wants to play (on PS4), you know where to find me. Keep staying positive and as we said before every theatre show, Play it With Love.

You can keep track of Air Bubbles cosplay builds on her Facebook or one of her other many social channels. We really appreciate her taking the time to share some of her cosplay knowledge with us. 

If you know of someone you would like to see featured, let us know on our forum. You can use the tag #CommunityFocus and we will give them a look.

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