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Unite the Clans - Sundowners

If you watched our Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere last week, you know that Clans will be playing a much bigger role in Destiny 2. You’ll enjoy a lot of new features– and ways to level up – if you find a Clan to call home.  Even if you want to play as a lone wolf, you’ll still benefit from this new Clan system as Clans  guide you through the toughest challenges in the game. We’re here to help you find eligible groups for your consideration.

Meet the Sundowners. 

Clan Name: Sundowners
Clan Tag: SdS
Clan Motto: Stay Up, Play more

Mission Statement: We are a coast to coast PS4 Destiny community built by moms and dads but enjoyed by the whole family, including a good mix of both new and experienced players. Everything we do is built around our core values of respect, patience, helpfulness, growth, and fun.

Overall Clan mood: Most of us are moms and dads, so while we take this game seriously when we are online, there will never be any harassment or frustration if someone needs to take a break or drop unexpectedly to make a bottle, kiss their mini-guardian goodnight, or help their spouse with the dishes. Family and life issues always take precedence. 

Recruitment Status: PS4

Ideal Candidate: Those who cherish respect and are patient with other players. And of course those willing to have fun!

Closing Statement: The Sundowners came from humble beginnings and we’ve blossomed from a single raid group to over a hundred Guardians all across North America with close friends overseas. Every Guardian has their own Destiny, and we want to share ours with you. Your Destiny is just as important as ours. We love this game, this culture, and this community. We also focus on charity streams within the Destiny Community. We had our first Extra Life stream last year and just wrapped up our veterans stream last week for Stack-Up dot org, along with our streamer friends and awesome array of Destiny podcasters. The Sundowners are more than just moms and dads taking down Crota, Atheon, Oryx, Aksis, and soon Gary! We’re family."

Go check out Sundowners and see if they are the Clan you have been looking for. There are a ton of Clans looking for new members on our recruitment form. Go find yours today. 

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