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Unite the Clans - Lux Viatores

Iron Banner has been filled with Mayhem, Trials of Osiris started back up again, and there is a new featured Raid each week with sweet Armor and Weapons. All of these activities are better with friends and the best way to connect with your friends on Destiny is forming a Clan. They’re also a great way to discover new friends and we have a new Clan for you to consider. 

Clan Name: Lux Viatores (Latin for Travelers of Light)

Clan Tag: LUX

Clan Motto: Friendship, community, and sweet loot!

Mission Statement: LUX was created with two main purposes: Create friendships through gaming, and have fun. From day one, we've always said that FUN needs to be the focus. We're a relaxed group of Guardians that play multiple games and really just want to have fun.  Play when you can, chat when you can.

Overall Clan Mood: Relaxed, Goofy, GARY!

Recruitment Status: PS4; 100 seats (some refurbished) available now!

Ideal Candidate: Ideally 18+ years old, but maturity over age and have a sense of humor; don't be super sweaty. (We enjoy long walks along the ruins of the Cosmodrome.)

Closing Statement: We're coming up on our one year Anniversary and have never been more proud to be part of the Destiny community. We've worked hard to encourage the fun over frustration and aim to build more bonds between other Clans through our members, past and present. LUX is a part of the United Clans BAND, and uses BAND exclusively for all of our communication. Let's go kick Gary's big Cabal butt, together.

If you think Lux Viatores seems like a Clan you could see yourself being a part of, stop by and say hi. If you are looking for something else, we have plenty of other Clans looking for fresh blood on our recruitment form

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