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Bungie Bounty - Skirmish on Xbox One

Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny.

To get into the spirit of the season, we're inviting the Guardians to come and reap the whirlwind in a fair fight. We used to go knocking door to door in Matchmaking to find our opponents, but that meant we mostly fought people from our own neighborhood. These days, we can invite teams of challengers from all around the world using our forum.

Bungie Bounty
Skirmish, Xbox One
Wednesday, October 26th
10 AM Pacific

If you'd like a chance to participate, answer Cozmo's call to action. To qualify, you must have an Xbox One, an active Xbox Live Gamertag linked to a Crucible-ready Guardian in good standing, and you must list that Gamertag in your post! We'll reach out via Private Messages to let you know if you've been selected, so watch your inbox. You'll need to be waiting for us in orbit when it's time to play. We won't be able to accommodate everyone, but this will not be the last Bungie Bounty.

The trick is to beat us at our own game. The treat is an Emblem reserved for Champions.

The battle should be frightening. When we face off against the community, it always is. As a dare, to make things more challenging for us, we'll be swapping out our helmets for masks - both on stream and in the game. Join us on Twitch to behold the battle.
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