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Bungie Bounty - Supremacy on PS4

Our Twitch channel has been dark for too long.

Now that Rise of Iron has been launched, the time has come to invite the player to battle with the developer. In the past, the selection of our opponents was randomized by matchmaking. With Private Matches, we can open up a party and invite you to come at us. 

Your target will be 'Cozmo_BNG' on the PlayStation Network.

Bungie Bounty
Supremacy, PlayStation 4
Wednesday, October 12th
10AM Pacific

Every Bounty that is successfully completed in Destiny results in a reward. This one is no different. When you beat us at our own game during an official event, you win an Emblem. It's like a trophy that you can mount on your character.

This hunt will be a spectator sport. You can watch who wins on Twitch. Tune in and hang out. We'll also let you know in real time when our party will be open to new challengers.

Good luck to all daring participants. If you want our Crests, come and get them.

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