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Bungie Bounty - Guardians of Destiny Edition

The hosts of Guardian Radio have been speaking to the Destiny Community since the first reveal of the game. As we all became Guardians, they were there to broadcast the story. To thank them for the legacy of conversation about good games and great community, we're going to invite you to strafe their airwaves.

Prepare to take on the GoD squad:
Wednesday, April 1st
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4

Don't let the date fool you. The hunt is real. The reward for claiming this bounty is guaranteed to anyone lucky enough to be matched against them, and skilled enough to emerge victorious.

That nameplate is yours if you can defeat them during the time allotted. The Guardians of Destiny will be joined by two members of the Bungie Team.

These are your primary targets:

Team up. Seek them out. Check your corners!
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