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Bungie Rides with TerraMantis

In the world of Destiny, our Moon was a gateway to the Solar System. Our first foothold in the heavens was lost in the Collapse of the Golden Age. We surrendered our lunar bases to the Hive, falling back to Earth to protect the last safe place that remained.

Today, we're going back there with Sam Jones. As a World Artist at Bungie, he headed up the team that first planted our flag in the cratered surface of the Moon. He has reams of concept art, and he's going to show you the early explorations of the destination that leads straight to hell.

Join us we explore its origins:
Friday, March 6th
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific
Moon Mission

Along for the ride will be TerraMantis. He's become an expert on the fiction that lurks in the darkness below the Moon surface, so we'd love to hear what he has to say on the guided tour. We might also need him to kill some Hive while Sam illustrates the roots of the architecture.

You're invited to come along as well. Find us on Twitch.
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