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Bungie Bounty - Inferno Edition

Inferno is the newest playlist to shape the constant conflict that rages in the Crucible. It goes live on March 3rd. If you crave all the gory details, check out the rundown in the Bungie Weekly Update. In summary, we’re taking away your motion tracker, reducing the ways in which you can score points, and putting a lot more emphasis on the gun game.

To introduce this new experience, we’ll be playing live on Twitch!
Tuesday, March 3rd
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific
Xbox One

The primary targets for this hunt are big game. We’ve assembled a dream team of hardcore players. Some of them are a sampling of our most dreaded developers – the guys that the rest of won’t play with for fear of who will match against them. They’ve added to their roster some of the community warriors they admire the most.

That shiny emblem is yours if you can beat this Fireteam on Xbox One:
ApolloBNG, Kevin Yanes
VostokBNG, Leif Johansen
RedstoneBNG, Nico Long

Inferno is a new way to earn glory in the Crucible, designed for players who want their favorite weapon to be the deciding factor. Come and sample the new gameplay with some of the finest shooters we know. The battle will be televised.
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