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Developer Open House

Destiny has undergone some changes this week. Guns are different. The way ammo behaves is different. The impact of some Perks is different.

This has you asking questions, and we’d love to answer them. The people who make some of the tough calls about how Destiny plays are joining the conversation. 

Lars Bakken (aka Thug Larz), Crucible Design Lead
Derek Carroll (aka mantis), Senior Crucible Designer
Leif Johansen (aka DeadAlive23) Senior Crucible Designer
Josh Hamrick (aka iamtylerdurden), Senior Sandbox Designer
Jon Weisnewski (aka Newsk), Sandbox Designer

As Designers, they don’t code the game as much as they shape the experience. Like you, they’re invested in how their Guardians work. These are the guys with their hands on the controls that govern our arsenals and the arenas where we use them against each other. 

Stop by to ask them a question:
Developer Open House
Today! February 27th
2:00 – 4:00 PM Pacific #Feedback 

How to increase the chances your question will get answered:
  • Visit the #Feedback forum
  • Start your own New Topic (very important)
  • Be excellent to each other (also important)
  • Appeal to their unique expertise
    • Weapon balance
    • Crucible gametypes
    • Ammo drops
    • Perks
    • Classes

None of them have the power to give you a Gjallarhorn, but they can talk about the inspiration behind Wolf Pack Rounds. They can also explain why you’ll see less of them in a game of Control - or how Inferno will change that gametype. This is our chance to get a little bit better acquainted.

See you then? We’re looking forward to it.

p.s. Please don't ask your questions here. Save them for #Feedback!
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