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Bungie Rides with Guardian Radio

Before the Collapse destroyed our foothold on Mars, it was a nice place to live and work. Crimson sunsets lit a fledgling colony of invention and commerce. Now it’s a ruin, occupied by Cabal and Vex. This week, we’re ignoring the warnings about the Exclusion Zone to enjoy the art that makes it a place worth fighting for.

Jason Sussman led the World Art team that excavated Mars from a series of ideas and concepts. With the sand in their toes, they built a city lost to time. After many iterations, it’s a place full of fodder for your Hand Cannon and sweet jumps for your Sparrow. Many secrets can still be exhumed from those dunes.

Join us as we rewind the production milestones:
Friday, February 20th
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Pacific
Mars Art/Science Tour

Along for the ride will be a special guest who is no stranger to both story and science. When Craig Hardgrove isn’t chatting about Destiny with his co-hosts on Guardian Radio, he’s producing audio adaptations of Grimoire cards. He also worked with the JPL team that landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars. He should have very some interesting questions to ask.

You’re invited to join the mission, too! Join us on Twitch.
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