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Bungie Bounty - TTL Gunslingers Edition

Friendship means never having to say you're sorry. This includes the moment when you put a price on someone's head and send them into matchmaking to dodge Nova Bombs. Thus, the Bungie Bounty for this week will target some Gunslingers I know.

The name might have you thinking they all wield the Golden Gun, but the origin of this clan pre-dates the Hunter subclass. Born on, the TTL Gunslingers have migrated like vanguards from one game to the next for almost a decade. They've seen action in Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Borderlands, TitanFall, Gears of War, GTA, Red Dead, Chromehounds, Ace Combat - they've even controlled towns in Day Z.

This week, they'll control the zones.
Wednesday, February 18th
6:00 - 8:00 PM Pacific
Xbox ONE

The all-in-one entertainment solution will be the hunting grounds. If you can claim this Bounty, we'll reward you with an emblem to wear like a trophy. It's only fair to warn you that your targets will do their very best to send you home crying. 

They are one from many. You want them? Come and get them:
TTL Cozmo23
TTL Goose*
TTL Pony
TTL Nightmare
DeeJ BNG**

If you hunger for glory, you might be in luck. I know first-hand that some of these Gunslingers have been losing track of their Light while gleefully searching and destroying in Call of Duty: Advance Warfare. Let's see if they still have the builds and the skills needed to survive in a Crucible playlist. When the time comes, you can witness the carnage live on Twitch.

* Goose adopted the TTL clan tag for this event after years of unwavering individuality. Please join us in branding him as our newest clan sellout.

** I will be on hand to observe the battle and take note of the victors. The Gunslingers are used to seeing me in the rear with the gear, so keep your eyes on the prize.
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