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Bungie Rides with the DOD Podcast

During the Golden Age, we launched ships from Old Russia to colonize our solar system. Long after the Collapse, you rose from the ashes of the Cosmodrome to fight your way out of the rubble. This Friday, we're going back to the beginning to learn more about the environments that launched millions of ships.

Rob Adams is a Lead World Artist at Bungie. In the development of Destiny, he led the team that built the Cosmodrome from the ground up with their bare hands! The tools they use might be easier to wield than the hammer and the sickle, but that doesn't mean that they didn't pour some blood and sweat into every square foot of the place.

You're invited to see Old Russia through his eyes:
Friday, February 13th
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM Pacific
Cosmodrome Art Walk

Along for the ride will be a host from the Dads of Destiny Podcast. We'll take their questions, and see what their listeners want to know about this lost cradle of space exploration. Tune in to the Bungie Twitch Channel to accompany us on the tour and we just might take your questions as well.

Eyes up, Guardians.
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