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Bungie Rides with MoreConsole

At Bungie, we love playing games with the Destiny Community. As much as we enjoy them, those Bungie Bounties can be so... competitive. So hostile! Sure it's fun to put a price on someone's head and send 'em on the run, but there also needs to be a time to enjoy some exploration among friends.

That's where the Bungie Ride Along comes in. We're dusting off this series of events to get a little more social. This will give us a chance to introduce more of us to more of you. From time to time (weekly, we hope), we're going to ask a member of the community to enjoy their favorite elements of the game with the developers who created them.

For starters, we're singling out MoreConsole. You know him. He's never short on enthusiasm for what he likes about Destiny.

We asked him which destination he'd like to explore. He said: Venus, baby! Thus, his tour guide will be Senior Artist Blake Low. He's the lead builder of the mysterious world that was the center of learning and knowledge during the Golden Age. 

If you'd like to follow along, we'll stream the event live on Twitch.
Friday, February 6th
1:00 - 3:00 PM Pacific
Venus Patrol Walking Tour

What secrets lurk in those lush jungles? What origin stories can we mine from the terrain? Blake will lead us on an architectural tour through a living warzone. The Vex won't likely cease their efforts to destroy us, so we'll just have to clear the area while we enjoy the scenery.

Join us for some stories and mayhem!
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