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Items Collected
3200 / 3687
Rain of Ashes
This emblem tracks lifetime Submachine Gun final blows in the Crucible.
Grizzled Wolf
Disdain for Glitter
Mistrust of Gifts
Viper Strike
This emblem tracks lifetime precision kills in Gambit.
Fight Forever
For Valor
Displays the number of Valor ranks completed across seasons.
True Valor
Displays feats of Valor across seasons.
For Glory
Displays your Glory rank across seasons.
Victorious Veteran
Displays your lifetime Crucible kills, and how many Guardians of each class you've defeated.
Fireforged Valor
This emblem tracks your longest Valor Win Streak in the Crucible.
Smoldering Flame
Can be found as a Rare drop upon Crucible faction rank up.
Persistent Blaze
Earned by completing all Triumphs in the Mastery category.
Made Shaxx Proud
This emblem tracks the number of top-tier medals earned in the Crucible.
One Path to Victory
Give Them War
Playin' the Odds
This emblem tracks lifetime Gambit Infamy rank resets.
Primeval Prime
You can find this rare drop when killing the Malfeasance boss in a Gambit match.
Earned by performing an Infamy rank reset three times in a single season.
Kit and Kaboodle
Keep on Drifting
Earned by completing the "Forged in the Dark" Gambit Triumph during Season 5.
The Invader
Earned by completing the Triumph "Triumphant Invader."
The Collector
Earned by completing the Triumph "Triumphant Collector."
The Sentry
Earned by completing the Triumph "Triumphant Sentry."
The Reaper
Earned by completing the Triumph "Triumphant Reaper."
Felwinter Frost
Shades of Radegast
Iron Hero Sigil
Visage of Skorri
The Golden Standard
This emblem tracks the number of the following Gold-tier medals earned in the Iron Banner.
The Weight of Guilt
Burnished Blade
Living Vestige
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