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Items Collected
1340 / 2313
Weapons // Shotguns
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
"What am I supposed to put here? 'It's a gun. Kill bad guys with it.'" —Suraya Hawthorne
Defend that which is precious to you.
Deadpan Delivery
Emphasis on the "dead."
They were so optimistic about us.
Heroes are not born, but made.
Good Bone Structure
This one is a real looker.
First In, Last Out
"I don't know how it works. You just keep taking damage and keep firing."
A Sudden Death
"Everything dies. This is proof." —Emissary of the Nine
Gravity Slingshot
"On the day our ships are ready, the City will see us blast into the sky." —Arach Jalaal
Perfect Paradox
A tale that's different from the rest: the thread unfurls against the clocks. The one the Speaker loved the best must have a perfect paradox.
Baligant XU7743
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Imperial Decree
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated. APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
Motion to Vacate
"Done cannot be undone."
Toil and Trouble
A charm of powerful trouble.
Good Bone Structure
This one is a real looker.
Dust Rock Blues
"No job too tough, if the price is good." —Renegade Corsair Errol Mayz
Parcel of Stardust
Everybody's looking for theirs.
"We are a long way from home." —Arrha (trans. from Eliksni)
Retold Tale
"It's what gets left out, what gets reemphasized that you have to pay attention to." —Esila, daughter of Sila
Blow out all the candles.
Last Man Standing
Call me Ozymandias.
Gunnora's Axe
"She taught us all to appreciate a good, sturdy axe." —Lord Saladin
SUROS invites you to reflect upon the dead.
Botheration Mk.28
Be a pain in their side.
Badlands Mk.24
Place like this ain't home to the faint of heart.
Fussed Dark Mk.21
Sun's hanging low in the sky.
Hand in Hand
This weapon was forged by Devrim Kay VIII for the survivors.
Ded Acumen II
Wisdom is the greatest power, the dearest treasure.
Ded Nemoris II
You will find your way out of this forest.
Stubborn Oak
Hawthorne forged this weapon out of scraps and salvage during her years alone in the wilds.
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