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Tilt Fuse
"[whistle] With a few more revs, Zahn woulda turned this thing into the fastest bomb you never saw. Good thing for all of us he never got the chance." —Amanda Holliday
Impact Velocity
"Captain, this conveyance's top speed is a fraction of the Exodus Black's when it crashed into Nessus!" "Try not to find out for yourself." —Failsafe
First Love
A true partner is one who inspires us to improve every day.
Last Love
Those we love never truly leave us.
"I win." —Ariadne Gris
"Is it possible to be in love with a Sparrow?" —Marcus Ren
Chill of Winter
The Dawning comes once a year. Some wish it would take a little longer.
Holiday Cheer
A twinkle in our eyes, ozone in our lungs, and a song in our hearts.
Verità Scelta
This Sparrow, like the Dawning, bears hidden truths and unexpected triumphs.
Some things need to be broken.
December Muse
Open the doors and bring in the light.
Avalon Courser
Ride to victory.
Data Stream
Life comes at you fast. So do Sparrows.
Ridgerunner Rex
"All-terrain" includes "no terrain."
Tropidon V
Faster than venom is the flight of this mount.
Velos Knight
Oath of the Velos Knight: I solemnly swear to drive really, really fast.
Marbled Orb Weaver
Maneuverabilty to weave a deadly web.
Solo Stand
Adventure awaits.
Think of the topography as an ocean you can rule.
Machina Macro
A souped-up engine isn't all you need, but it helps.
Frago Junium
Explosive power in a sleek little package.
Vox Imperative
Let them hear, see, and feel the power of the Guardians.
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