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Gensym Knight Casque
"I have no use for mawkish sentimentality. What I do need is an assistant who stays alive. As often as possible." —Asher Mir
Gensym Knight Grips
"Gensym Armor. Let's hope it does you more good than it did me." —Asher Mir
Gensym Knight Cuirass
"Have you ever considered that the Traveler might be just as chaotic and arbitrary as everything else?" —Asher Mir
Gensym Knight Strides
"Congratulations on finding your true calling in life. You have been an… adequate assistant." —Asher Mir
Gensym Knight Cloak
"Remember, the universe is a chaotic system. This frippery won't protect you from the continuum." —Asher Mir
Wildwood Mask
"I love the City. But I don't want to go back. I want to bring the City to the EDZ." —Devrim Kay
Wildwood Grips
"I don't know about you, but the EDZ has grown on me. Literally. The moss gets everywhere." —Devrim Kay
Wildwood Vest
"Perhaps we can take it back. You know? Perhaps the Farm can be another City." —Devrim Kay
Wildwood Strides
"Be careful out there. If a rescue happens, I'd rather be the rescuee than the one doing the rescuing." —Devrim Kay
Wildwood Cloak
Devrim Kay fashioned the pattern for these Guardian armor suits.
Lost Pacific Mask
"I need more data. And… put the lab on yellow alert." —Dr. Shanice Pell
Lost Pacific Grips
"Send a deep-space probe toward the anomaly. I want to know what it is." —Dr. Shanice Pell
Lost Pacific Vest
"The probe's initial data makes no sense. And then the signal died. What have we found?" —Dr. Shanice Pell
Lost Pacific Strides
"This research has to get out. Even if I don't. People have to know what this 'anomaly' is." —Last Recording of Dr. Shanice Pell
Lost Pacific Cape
Sloane had these Golden Age space suits repurposed for Guardian armor.
Exodus Down Mask
"I used some of my own code to program this armor! But if you die, it's your fault. Not mine." —Failsafe
Exodus Down Grips
"Captain, the orbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what the Cosmodrome calculated." —Flight Officer Samantha Blaise
Exodus Down Vest
"Adjust course two degrees. It's a long way to Kepler-186, folks. We don't have time to tour Nessus." —Capt. Masoud Jacobson
Exodus Down Strides
"We might be stopping at Nessus after all. We just lost the starboard engine." —Chief Eng. Kaoru Zuykova
Exodus Down Cloak
This Guardian armor was repurposed from old Exodus Black crew flight suits.
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