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Items Collected
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Furtive Shell
For Ghosts who crave the thrill of competition.
"Ain't no such thing as 'before the disaster.' This world was born to disaster. It's cataclysm all the way down." —The Drifter
Drift Apart
"Smoke. Leaves. Friends. Thoughts. Lives. Dust. Don't even try to hold on." —The Drifter
Gambit Chrome
Let everyone know you know the Drifter. Apply this Gambit shader to change the color of your gear.
Playin' the Odds
Hazard of the Cast
"Nothing for it once you place your life upon the die." —The Drifter
"Gone, but never forgotten." —The Drifter
"Worlds end. And when yours does, make sure you have a partner you can rely on." —The Drifter
Distant Relation
"I like to keep my enemies where they can't reach me. I can always find a way to get to them if I have to." —The Drifter
"No mercy out here. Can't afford it." —The Drifter
Parcel of Stardust
Everybody's looking for theirs.
Dreaded Venture
Not to be undertaken lightly.
Bad Omens
"Can't avoid 'em. Trick is surviving 'em." —The Drifter
"Nothing kills a Guardian faster than another Guardian." —The Drifter
Ancient Apocalypse Helm
"Maybe you leave your first apocalypse. But your second one never leaves you." —The Drifter
Ancient Apocalypse Gauntlets
"Sometimes the difference between survival and eradication is just pure, simple stubbornness." —The Drifter
Ancient Apocalypse Plate
"Sometimes it's a cosmic event. Sometimes it's a beast from hell. Sometimes it's one man." —The Drifter
Ancient Apocalypse Greaves
"I stopped counting the Armageddons." —The Drifter
Ancient Apocalypse Mark
"Had a face like the end-times and eyes like manna in the desert. One look at him, and I knew I wasn't gonna be saved." —The Drifter
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