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Items Collected
1092 / 1224
Ether Doctor
"Control the supply." —The Spider
Wrong Side of Right
The right thing, for the wrong reasons.
Trackless Waste
"No footprints out here." —Olu Alderdice
Thin Line
Sometimes you forget which side you're on.
Right Side of Wrong
Where do you stand?
Dust Rock Blues
"No job too tough, if the price is good." —Renegade Corsair Errol Mayz
Eye for an Eye
"What else can we do but take up arms?" —Corsair Amrita Vae
Waking Vigil
"We have a duty to this solar system that goes deeper than blood, deeper than oaths." —Paladin Devi Cassl
"We knew it would not be easy." —Paladin Hallam Fen
Retold Tale
"It's what gets left out, what gets reemphasized that you have to pay attention to." —Esila, daughter of Sila
Twilight Oath
Engraved in illuminated letters on the weapon's chassis: THE AWOKEN MADE ME.
"I see our path ahead, full of despair and hardship, and I will walk it with joy in my heart." —Sjur Eido
Abide the Return
"It is what she asks of us." —Paladin Kamala Rior
Secret Victories
Scatterhorn Helm
"Since the Scatter, nowhere in the Reef felt like home. Before I knew it, I found myself on the Shore." —Renegade Corsair Errol Mayz
Scatterhorn Gauntlets
"That's no ordinary dust. You're standing on the pulverized remnants of 1 Ceres." —Corsair Anzani Lyle
Scatterhorn Plate
"Was Wolf once. Still Wolf after Scatter, but… different. Then Queen's. Wolf again. Bannerless. Then Spider's." —Avrok
Scatterhorn Greaves
"The Awoken have been bleeding territories for years now. Tangled Shore was just the first to slip between the cracks." —The Spider
Scatterhorn Mark
"Lost things have a way of washing up on the Tangled Shore." —The Spider
Reverie Dawn Helm
"I've learned not to be ashamed of the fear. It's to be expected, given what we are." —Pavel Nolg
Reverie Dawn Gauntlets
"For starlight was my mother, and my father was the dark." —Queen Mara Sov
Reverie Dawn Plate
"There is a place where we can remember who we are." —Imogen Rife
Reverie Dawn Greaves
"What has been awoken can slumber no more." —Techeun Kalli
Reverie Dawn Mark
"Perhaps it was not the correct choice. But it was the right choice." —Yasmin Eld
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