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Items Collected
1102 / 2053
Weapons // Hand Cannons
Better Devils
Angels can't help you here.
Adventure is in your blood.
The Old Fashioned
This is the way things were.
Bad News
Sit down. We need to talk.
The Steady Hand
Forged in honor of Perun, and a just and unwavering resolve.
True Prophecy
"Some claim to know the future better than we do. Listen carefully. Then ask yourself: do their words ring true or false?" —Lakshmi-2
Living Memory
"Do you ever wonder who you were, before?"
Home for the Lost
"I didn't expect to like it here. But the EDZ is growing on me." —Devrim Kay
West of Sunfall 7
A spark of knowledge with each fall, the purpose of the endless youth. No longer shunned, dark's nameless call now brings about tenebrous truth.
"Osiris said that he started to pity the Red Legion, getting trapped in here for infinite eternities. I think they're getting exactly what they deserve." —Sagira
Crimil's Dagger
"She only wanted to help. I know that now." —Lord Saladin
Service Revolver
To Serve and Protect.
Better Devils
Angels can't help you here.
Ten Paces
Better be quick.
Duke Mk. 44
Slow to shoot, but brutal upon impact.
Adventure is in your blood.
Nation of Beasts
I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.
Spare Rations
Whether times are lean or fat.
Daedalus Code
Make your own escape.
SUROS invites you to join the dance.
Imset HC4
The City's foes ready themselves for the end.
Annual Skate
"When the lake used to freeze, people would dance on the ice wearing boots with tiny swords. And fall in love."
Shattered Peace
Only you can make it whole again.
Jack Queen King 3
An army meets, and stands, and falls. Three nobles wage their hopeless war. In shifting madness, evil crawls. One stands above the battle's roar.
The Defiant
"Do not let them distract you from your purpose!" —Lakshmi-2
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated. APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
Thin Line
Sometimes you forget which side you're on.
Waking Vigil
"We have a duty to this solar system that goes deeper than blood, deeper than oaths." —Paladin Devi Cassl
"Worlds end. And when yours does, make sure you have a partner you can rely on." —The Drifter
Crimil's Dagger
"She only wanted to help. I know that now." —Lord Saladin
You know your purpose.
Ballyhoo Mk.27
Prepare to back up your boasts.
Azimuth DSu
What lies beyond the horizon?
Lamia HC2
Make your enemy's strength your own.
SUROS invites you to pick up the pace.
One Earth
This weapon was forged by Devrim Kay VIII for the survivors.
Mos Ultima II
Find the summit and claim it for your own.
Picayune Mk. 33
Small stature, big heart.
A modded version of the SUROS Minuet-42, a Guardian standby.
Hawthorne forged this weapon out of scraps and salvage during her years alone in the wilds.
Helios HC1
A standard issue Omolon weapon. City-made.
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