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Items Collected
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Takanome Wings
"Follow the blue flowers to the City. And know that even if the planter is dead, they still watch over you." —Ayane Takanome
Ego and Squid
Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.
Eriana's Vengeance
"Wei… I will see you again. But first… I have work to do." —Eriana-3, before entering the Hellmouth
The Bandwagon
"Because a group of coyotes is a band!" —Therin Vai "I refuse to call it that."—Nadiya
Rose and Bone
In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.
Dead Fall
The engines on this Nautilus-class retrofit were pulled from a much larger craft.  Maximum thrust is not recommended.
Retrofitted Nautilus-class for long jaunts from Earth… or farther, if you decide to never come home again.
Captain Nemo
Nobody ventured farther.
Light a torch for the wanderers, that they may find their way back.
Odyssey-class refit. Better than the sum of its parts.
Nothing exists which can't be broken down into constituent parts.
Odyssey-class refit. Someday it'll all make sense.
Odyssey-class refit. All points could converge to one.
An Echo-class refit designed by SRL legend Marcus Ren.
City Apex
“When the people see your ship in the sky, they will know that they are safe.” —The Speaker
Cardinal One
An Echo-class refit designed for one thing: speed.
Talon Blue
Echo-class refit. Somewhere between blue sky and black space.
Shadowed Dawn
An Echo-class refit designed by SRL legend Cron-8.
Helios Strain
A Vector-class refit designed for near-solar exploration.
Starling Bolt
A Vector-class refit designed by SRL legend Tyla Sola.
A Vector-class refit with experimental subspace engines.
Defend every corner.
Leonid MV
Minerva-class refit. Break any storm that finds you.
Zenith SV
The thin line between us and them.
Eos Rapture
A Minerva-class refit commemorating the legendary Warlock Tinasha-3, known to her peers in the Iron Banner as Ashraven.
Space-Age Lancelot
Tonight, we ride.
Spectral Gain
Leopard-class refit. Follow the rainbow.
Verona Mesh
Make a pastime of each wary step.
High Line
The right vantage means everything.
Tidal Dawn
Leopard-class refit. Consider this a wake-up call.
Nautilus Zero
A standard issue, Nautilus-class jumpship. Perfect for explorers and wanderers.
Odyssey Zero
A standard issue, Odyssey-class jumpship. Perfect for explorers and wanderers.
Echo Zero
A standard issue, Echo-class jumpship. Perfect for racers and daredevils.
Vector Zero
A standard issue, Vector-class jumpship. Perfect for racers and daredevils.
Minerva Zero
A standard issue, Minerva-class jumpship. Perfect for warriors and commanders.
Leopard Zero
A standard issue, Leopard-class jumpship. Perfect for warriors and commanders.
Hawthorne gave you this old, heavily refurbished jumpship. Not moddable.
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