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Knights of the Phoenix [PhnX]

"Die in Flames, Rise from the Ashes"

Are you an adept guardian currently looking for help, or willing to help others? We want to band together those guardians who would otherwise be alone.

Est. Nov. 2014, Knights of the Phoenix is a long standing xb1 clan comprised of mature and talented players from across the globe. With a focus on enjoying the more challenging and competitive aspects the Destiny 2 universe will offer. We have two clans: our main clan 'Knights of the Phoenix', and our developmental clan 'Soldiers of the Phoenix'. Our goal is to form one of the most competitive and active clans in Destiny 2, by unifying fellow guardians who are looking to help each other.

Clan resources include: Organized leadership team, exclusive communication tools with pve/pvp lfg, 100+ active xb1 members, clan events, and promotional media tools.

To join/remain in our ranks, members must exhibit maturity and show respect towards their fellow guardians. As well as maintain activity both in game and in our chats.

  • Approval Required

    Membership requires approval.
  • 90 Members

  • Created November 23, 2014

Season Progression

Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level.

Clan Level


100000 Clan Contribution this Week

Oathkeeper's Score

In Guided Games, finishing activities and playing according to the Guardian Oath lead to better scores.

  • Nightfall Strikes

  • Raid

Members (90 / 100)




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