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Dawning Genesis [DAWN]

"Natus ex Cinere | Born from the Ashes"

A group of like-minded adults who enjoy all the Destiny universe has to offer. We're always looking for new and active members! The majority of members are 30+ with jobs and families. We're incredibly flexible, and looking for more people to bring into the family so we have plenty of options for weekly Raids and activities. End-game content is where we're at, and we're happy to help anyone get there who wants to. We're an English-speaking group based in the US, playing primarily on weekday evenings and on weekends.

We become stronger from every failure; therefore, we embrace failures as learning experiences.

Simple requirements:
* Play Destiny on Steam.
* Play Destiny once a month.
* Play with the Clan.
* Participate in Discord text/voice chat.
* Be kind to one another.

Join and ping an Admin for an invite!

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  • 17 Members

  • Created October 09, 2014

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