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TopTierTrashGuardiansVIII [TTTg]

"Are You Happy in Your Clan? Because We Certainly Are!"

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Did you know that over 97% of the Guardians are not aware of their trash level? About 18% of Guardians don't get along with their ghosts. Then there are those who just want to be in a clan where they can complain about their spouse. Well, I'm here to tell you as a successful clan leader and an expert in leading a 600+ member community that I'm here to hear you B--ch. We are the Top Tier Trash Guardians! We have learned from our past mistakes, we don't allow lurkers, we are looking for players who enjoy playing with others. Players who are willing to learn raids and teach others. We will hold your hand and take you through a raid but then we will want you to walk on your own and hold someone else's hand ;). You catch my drift? So tell me Guardian. IF YOU ARE NOT WITH US ON DISCORD WILL KICK YOU OUT WITHIN 48HOURS.

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  • Created June 14, 2019

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