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Syndicate rising [HIVE]

"We will be their reckoning"

When the Idols fall, what will rise from the ashes? When the light fails to withstand The darkness, who will answer the galaxies screeching cry for help? The guardians have begun to gather In the shadows, fighting fire with fire... Join our cause and rise from the ashes with Syndicate Rising... Stand toe to toe with the evil and beat it back into the pit it crawled out of.

Syndicate is part of a larger organization known as H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy of Intergalactic Vengeance and Extermination) which is where the most battle hardened guardians call home. We consistently run Raids, Strikes, PvE, PvP, end game content and participate in destiny clan warfare.

Amongst H.I.V.E. you will find guardians who are raising our flag all across this earth, with strong concentrations in the US and the UK!We are looking for active Guardians as well as experienced ones willing to fight even when the light is gone.

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  • Created August 16, 2018

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