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Y U Mad Bro?! [YUMB]

"Why so serious? We're just having fun."

A group of like-minded gamers who love Destiny and its cooperative spirit. We focus on all end game activities including RAIDS, EP, NIGHTFALL and EVENTS. We also have some pretty good PVP Players who will begin focusing on TRAILS once it returns.


- Must own all DLCs (we can't help members if you can't play the content).
- Must have and use the companion app (for chat and fireteams).
- Must have a working microphone (communication is a must for completing end game activities).
- Must be at least 18 years old or vetted by an Admin as being mature.
- Must be willing to play with or help any and ALL Clanmates, NO DIVAS, CLIQUES or SOLO PLAYERS PLEASE.


-Inappropriate Behavior will NOT be tolerated-
We do not accept inappropriate behavior such as race baiting, gender shaming or anything along those lines.

Just a group of cool people who like to play together, help each other through end game content and most importantly, HAVE FUN! No egos required

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  • Created August 09, 2018

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