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"Our clan name has been banned..."

Thanks for checking us out! We are a fun clan that puts together weekly raid groups, completes pinnacle events, and we love to play PvP as well. Before Destiny Clan Warfare shut down, we were ranked in the Top 10 for Iron Banner in 8 consecutive events, often in the top 5, and even held the number 1 XBox clan for IB more than once.

We are a very active clan and expect clan mates to regularly play with each other. Extended time away from the game, or lack of participation with clan members will result in removal from the clan. Yet, we pride ourselves on being a very team oriented and helpful clan. We regularly help each other by assisting with events, and providing advice.

We do not tolerate disrupting clan members, so make sure you work to get along with everyone. We use the Band App (on Android and iOS) for communication and scheduling of activities, so you will need to download the app and request to join our chat through the app to get the best experience from the clan.

  • Invite Only

    This clan is invite only.
  • 93 Members

  • Created March 21, 2018

Season Progression

Clans unlock characters perks and rewards by leveling up their clan. The more active the clan, the higher the clan level.

Clan Level


100000 Clan Contribution this Week

Oathkeeper's Score

In Guided Games, finishing activities and playing according to the Guardian Oath lead to better scores.

  • Nightfall Strikes

  • Raid

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