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Shrouded VII [VII]

"Amor est fortitudinem."

After applying here on Bungie, you MUST join our Discord ( and do the following:
1. Under the Welcome tab go to self-assign-roles
2. Click on the Emoji under Destiny 2 or Destiny 2 (muted)
3. Ping Lavender, dunk1npwnuts, and Nighatos in the clan-approval-waitlist channel with your Bungie/Steam name.

We can't accept you if you don't ping us in Discord, so please do this :)

About VII:
Shrouded VII (VII Seraphs) is one of Shrouded Gaming's PC NA clans. We strive to maintain a chill, laid-back environment and our culture is basically messing around, doing stupid stuff, and just having a good time! Our interests span across all D2 activities, but we particularly love raiding and frequently run full clan raids for gear/fun. On top of that, we often hold giveaways, contests, and social events for the clan. If that isn't enough, we have a meme room and even... a weeb closet :P Come join in the fun with us!

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  • 80 Members

  • Created January 06, 2018

Season Progression

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