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Alpha 001 Company [AC1]

"Guardians of the Raid - I got you buddy"

Welcome to AC001 We are a serious/casual group of ADULT Guardians who group up for Nightfalls, Raids, Trials and most anything else. We enjoy running raids, and although we play seriously we still like to have a laugh. We have guys and gals from all over this Solar System (UK/US/EU) who enjoy nothing more than destroying Raids and Nightfall. PvP is a must for fun. Need help with anything, give our sherpas a shout.

Original Clan Founder zXz CRONUS zXz The Traveller picked well, when his Ghost found you and brought you into the world we call Destiny. But now your Ghost has gone and so have you, we salute you and thank you. You were the reason soo many of us played together and we have many happy memories from the last few years. We play on with you in our thoughts...... RIP zXz CRONUS zXz 13-12-2017

Fundraising for Alpha-1 UK Support Group. Setup by Stephanie, wife of zXz CRONUS zXz.

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  • Created December 22, 2017

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