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"Just everyday players in combat"

Everyday Player In Combat (EPIC) was founded by three guardians who randomly met while fighting the Darkness alone. Knowing that there were other Guardians scattered across the solar system fighting the Darkness alone, we formed this clan to bring them together. Epic Foxtrot is the 5th and last clan of EPIC. We are a very active clan made up of parents, college students, and other walks of life. We are a mature group, we're not elitists although we may joke about some members being so. We organize our games using the group. We have a great blend of PVE and PVP members and we are always willing to help our members get things accomplished such as exotic bounties, missions, and raid clears. So if you are 18 or older and are in need of a Destiny clan, message one of our admins and we will be with you shortly. As always, Keep your eyes up Guardians and we will see you on the battlefield.

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  • Created November 07, 2017

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