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The Kawaii Assassins [TKA]

"Too Kawaii to Live too Sugoi to Die"

We clear content while being Kawaii as heck!

NOTE: Please add iPwNix#8091 or/and Dabear/Hontou#9602 on Discord to have your apply accepted.

|-|-|-|Who are we|-|-|-|
We are a group of laid-back experienced Destiny Raiders, Guildleaders/Officers who are setting their sights on Destiny to have some fun and clear its content.
What else is there to say really =].

|-|-|-|Looking to join?|-|-|-|
Feel free to do so. We encourage anyone to join regardless of light or experience.
All we ask of you is have a Sense of Humor and be able to handle adult-ish jokes.
Be sure to add one of the officers/admins on Discord when applying!
(Usernames should be in the recruitment post)

Not much to be honest, just be active on Discord and in-game.
A clan is to have fun and play together and that is what we aspire to do.

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  • 66 Members

  • Created October 22, 2017

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