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Ramteam [RMT]

"Fun and Fair play."

Ramteam Network, in short RMT, is a worldwide network which focuses on online gaming, online interaction on Teamspeak³, music and more. RMT was founded in May 1996 by Pr1nceHapi (formerly known as Jax) and was simply called Ramteam. The name Ramteam was chosen due to the game played back then, namely Destruction Derby. Our slogan, which was used until 2012, was:
– If we see a car, we ram it.

In the following years several clans decided to join our leading network and we changed our name to The Ramteam Community. In 2013, we decided to bounce the Community and move on to The Ramteam Network. Everyone who plays with us, is a Ramteamer. With a staff consisting of people from the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Australia and France, we’re one of the oldest clans in Europe which is still alive and kicking. If it wasn’t for our team ánd our members, we wouldn’t have come so far.

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  • Created September 30, 2017

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